Detalles #14: Zaisan

8:50 AM

Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Whenever I travel, I try to learn a little bit of history wherever I am. For me, it is a way to somewhat connect with what is around you and not just visit it for the sole reason that it is beautiful.

The Zaisan Memorial is located at the top of a hill south of the capital and it features a circular mural disc that depicts scenes of friendship between the people of USSR and Mongolia during the World War II. 

It just hurts me a bit that reaching the top of the Zaisan Memorial might be a bit of a struggle considering that there's no concrete stairs. But I assure you: Once you're at the top you'll forget everything behind.

Tell me a bit of history from your recent travel below! I would love to hear it! 

Words and Photos by Will @ Passport Out  

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