Detalles # 13: Nordkette (360-degree views of Innsbruck)

8:52 AM

Location: Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria

Heights: more than often or not, they give people excitement or fear. But for us, at Passport Out, of course excitement! Who could hate a 360-degree view of this alpine city?!

Funicular Ride
Start your exciting journey with a ride at the Zaha Hadid-designed funicular that would take you to the main event.

Savor the 360-view of the whole city of Innsbruck from the top of Nordkette. It arguably has the best views of the whole city!

Seegrube Restaurant
What’s a view without a restaurant? Munch all you want at the Alpenlounge Seegrube and enjoy the stunning views while you eat to your heart’s content. After enjoying your hearty meal, make sure to checkout the Sun Terrace! Where you can lounge at the sun chairs all day long (best accompanied with a hot choco, of course)

Tell me, are you more on the excitement part or the fear part when faced with heights? Tell me below!

Photos and Words by Will @ Passport Out

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