Photo Journal: Escaping to Western Mongolia

9:28 AM

Location: Uvs Province, Western Mongolia, Mongolia

A 3-hour plane ride out of civilization (I mean, Ulaanbaatar), lies one of the world's last frontiers; thousand kilometers worth of plain, untouched land with varieties of clean, blue glacial lakes and rivers. If you thought we were kidding, well no and we were not describing a beautiful dream either! But a huge plot of land near the Mongolia-China-Russia-Kazakhstan border.

Let Passport Out take you on a visual journey along the Kharkhiraa-Türgen Mountain Ranges at the Uvs Aimag (Province) of Western Mongolia! 

If these photos would not make you think twice about visiting this beautiful piece of land, I don't know what else will! 

Words by Will @ Passport Out and Photos Courtesy of Alan Fledlus 

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