24-Hours in Osaka

6:29 AM

Location: Osaka, Japan
Planned a stopover at Osaka's Kansai Airport or Itami Airport? Thinking of what to do? Well, fret not! We got you all covered! Are you ready for your 24-hour journey? 

Discover Osaka's past at the Osaka Castle Complex
Before being Japan's second largest metropolitan area and being among the largest in the world with 19 million inhabitants, Osaka started out as a small merchant town that served as the center for rice trade during the Edo Period. Relive those (almost) forgotten times and visit feudal lord, Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Castle Complex! 

Tip: The view of Osaka City from the observation deck is spectacular! And don't miss the chance to go face-to-face with one of the castle's golden roof ornaments. 

You've never been to this part of Japan if you haven't eaten Takoyaki. With the wheat-flour based batter filled with minced Tako (Octopus), Tenkasu (Tempura), pickled ginger and onion, there's no way you can hate this Japanese snack! 

Tip: Yes, you might have had Takoyaki before but the best we had would be from the stalls before you enter the main hall of the Osaka Castle! Give it a try!  

Pay your respects at the Shitenno-ji Temple
Step into Japan's first Buddhist and oldest administered facility. Walk along its inner courtyards and get a feel of one of the most revered places at the land of the rising sun. 

Tip: Visit the Temple on a 21st and discover their products!

Osaka from the top!
From the traditional to the Passport Out-necessary; a view of the city from 40-stories up! A trip to the Umeda Sky Building Observatory! 

Tip: Consider visiting the observatory at twilight. Probably the best time of the day to see the city. 

End your day at the St.Regis Bar before returning to your onward flight!
Photo Courtesy of Starwood Hotels
There's nothing more rewarding than ending your short-lived romance with a Japanese city with a glass of Yamazaki whiskey in hand (though a cocktail sounds pretty good too) as you watch the sun slowly go down. And what better venue would you ask for than The St.Regis Osaka Bar? 

Tip: Be sure not to get too drunk before your flight! Bon voyage! 

if you have a little bit more time...
Consider visiting Kobe or Himeji!
Photo Courtesy of topwalls.net

Would you try these things out soon? 

Words and Photos by Will @ Passport Out (unless stated)

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